At Duke this week, Dean Klotman (my former boss) announced that Dr. Kathleen Cooney, from the University of Utah, will be the next chair of the Department of Medicine, ergo my new boss. Our department is large and active, and in a major academic medical center that is undergoing much change. I look forward to working with Dr. Cooney as she brings her energy and experience and vision to Duke.

Over the last year, I’ve had the pleasure of working for Dr. Joseph Rogers as he’s been the interim chair of the department and a most thoughtful leader during this transition. He’s made great use of our This Week in Medicine newsletter (TWIM), writing a timely, topical message each week to inform our faculty, trainees, and staff of the myriad issues swirling around us. TWIM is one of the products of the departmental branding and design framework we completed last summer with the design firm Thinkso Creative. Thinkso has highlighted our project in a case study on their site.

Here on Zuiker Chronicles, I’ve upgraded the CMS to Textpattern 4.7. This release is dedicated to Textpattern creator Dean Allen (I mentioned here how Dean inspired my blogging). I’m also posting to the growing and very useful (see, where I’m paying for the ability to post audio files called microcasts. I purchased a Zoom H5, and am learning to use that, along with Hindenburg Journalist Pro, as part of my Voices of Duke Health project at work and in anticipation of the trip to Vanuatu.

Up at the house, the renovation is behind schedule but we are very close to moving. The house is going to look amazing, and it will be a testament to Erin’s vision and design sense and tireless weighing of the details. I’ll be swinging by the house today to pick cherries off the four trees. The rest of the four acres is grown and green. Last week I found a box turtle down at the slope, and later a lone-star tick biting me on my hip.



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