Back from the South Pacific

coconuts in Port Vilza

Coconuts for sale in the market at Port Vila, Vanuatu.

Our epic family trip to Australia and Vanuatu finished up last weekend. (Erin and I served as Peace Corps Volunteers in Vanuatu from 1997 to 1999, and we’d saved up miles for nearly 20 years to return.) We arrived home Sunday evening, tired but completely satisfied with our two weeks in Sydney, Port Vila, and Liro. I meant to start posting photos and notes immediately, but we have had to focus on work and house—the water stopped flowing, and the plumbing was backed up, so the well-pump tank has been replaced, the septic tank emptied, and the pipes snaked. We all found it funny that, for a night at least, our Chapel Hill bedtime routine was similar to the bucket showers and rationed water that we’d just been through on Paama Island.

Anyway, I’m hoping to sit down this weekend and write about our time in Sydney (Blue Mountains, Opera House, Bondi and Manly beaches) and Vanuatu (visiting friends and the Peace Corps office in Port Vila, standing atop Yasur volcano on Tanna, and reuniting with family in Liro).

It was a memorable trip. I’m glad to have been able to introduce Anna, Malia, and Oliver to the Vanuatu experience and our Ni-Vanuatu friends. And I’m so grateful to have an amazing life partner and traveling companion in Erin.

Blog posts and photos to come.



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