Another Scott Huler book

Scott Huler was on WUNC’s The State of Things today to talk about his new book, A Delicious Country. Listen here.

Scott is a great reporter, writer, and storyteller. He’s a very energetic speaker, which he proved again tonight at Motorco for the monthly Periodic Tables science talk. Scott was there to tell us about the route of John Lawson’s 1700 expedition through South Carolina and North Carolina, and what Scott observed and noticed and experienced on his retracing Lawson’s path 210 years later: “There’s nothing as comforting as a house with laundry on the line” and “the sky party that the coast throws” were just two of his colorful explanations for the photos he showed.

I bought the book, Scott inscribed it to me, and I drove home thinking about the stories I want to write. Scott is a good friend of mine, and he continues to entertain, educate, and inspire me.

See The Lawson Trek website for more about the book, and to read the blog that Scott wrote during his paddling, walking, camping, and conversing across the Carolinas.



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