Marking 30 years

I’m lucky. Once a month, I get to walk across the Duke campus, stop in front of the Pratt School of Engineering to meet a good friend, and together we walk to the food court for lunch and conversation.

That friend is Mark Schreiner, who I first met in 1989 at John Carroll University. Mark has lived in North Carolina about as long as I have, and he came to work at Duke just a few months after I did. He’s a writer and communicator like me, also a former journalist and history buff, and I always walk back to my office educated and informed about something interesting. Today it was the origin of President Roosevelt’s famous fireside chats and how new faculty at Pratt give their Teer Talks.

Mark gives me an update about his family and tells me about his volunteer activities. These days, he’s an on-air host at and can next be heard coordinating the Concert Hall program on Friday, March 22 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. EDT.



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