Scripting News at 25

Dave Winer celebrated 25 years of Scripting News yesterday, marking an anniversary that perhaps no other person can match: two and a half decades of daily writing on his blog.

I’ve been reading Dave for about 20 of those years, almost every day going to his site to see what observations and insights, and links and images, he’s putting up. And I’ve documented here on my own blog—on the About page and in many posts—how influential and useful his many software tools have been been to me. Just the other day, I was telling my colleagues about our epic bicycle ride through Times Square, and how it’s because of Dave that we have the Duke River of News to see in one place what’s happening across Duke University.

I am grateful to Dave, thankful for his friendship and example. I salute you, Dave.

I hope you’ll read Scripting News, too. Dave’s made it super easy to get his daily writings sent directly to your inbox. Subscribe on this page.



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