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Putting the moves on

Lots of relocation to announce today:

Anton and Erin (and Anna and Malia) have purchased their first home. It’s a small house in Durham in a quiet neigbhorhood of towering pine trees, and the yard is a serene place of visiting hummingbirds and curious bumblebees and diffident cardinals. Just an hour after signing the papers, we were in the house tearing up carpet and parquet flooring in preparation for new hardwood flooring and bedroom berber. By July 1 we’ll be happily moved. Watch Anton’s personal webspace for pictures and updates – and probably a lot of ‘how do I do this project’ inquiries.

Zuiker Chronicles Online, the Internet home of the extended Zuiker family, has also moved. We’re hosted on the estimable Textdrive servers. As part of this move, the weblog that I write has moved to http://anton.zuiker.com in order to make room for more Zuiker Family news and stories. Just as the physical home in Durham is under renovation, so, too is the Zuiker Chronicles Online.

Bear with us as we improve the site.