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Names and places

Here’s a recent message from Uncle John:

Got together with the Zuiker’s last night and it was just terrific. I finally got a lot of the family tree sorted out. I pulled out one of my old photos of three little kids out at the Harrision farm. The picture was probably at least 60 years old. I asked Simon Zuiker who the three kids in the photo were and he said that the boy was him. Turned out that it was a picutre of him and two of his sisters. Uncle Pete owned the farm where Dad and Uncle Louey used to always go and visit. Simon who also was called Sam was one of the kids who lived on the farm at that time. He said that he remembered fats will real and that he and louey were real characters. We looked at picutres of the great parents and of our grandparents and all of the relatives and talked about con zuiker and a lot of the Shoeneys and Harrison Zuikers. I had a map that actually showed the old farm. Was just a great time talking about Tomahawk and the family. He was such an easy going person. Felt like I had known him for years. The kind of guy you want to go to the local bar and have a beer with. There are a lot of Zuikers on that side that we need to add to the Zuiker chronicle list. They really enjoy the Zuiker chronilce’s. later.