More of this land

Three lots, ten acres.

Earlier this week, Erin and I purchased (through Paama Properties LLC) another piece of land and a hundred-year-old wood house. That house once was alone on the surrounding 18 acres, but over the decades the 18 has been divided, and we live in the brick house up on the back acres. This lot we just bought still owns most of the gravel lane that comes off Smith Level Road and up between our two properties (in June we purchased the lot across from our house.) Altogether, our three contiguous lots are a combined 10.46 acres.

The wood house has seen better days, and it will be coming down soon to make way for a new house to be built for one of Erin’s siblings.

Erin and I walked our land this morning, discussing where we might build our new house. We dream, we plan.



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