Zuiker Chronicles has used the Textpattern content management system since its beta days in 2004. For the 2015 redesign, I considered Foundation and UIKit and other frameworks, then settled on the Skeleton CSS boilerplate. Leo Babauta’s minimal web ethos inspired my approach to an updated site. Fonts are Concourse and Equity, and the tutorials Butterick’s Practical Typography and Interactive Guide to Blog Typography were instructive.

While this site doesn’t use any of the various publishing tools developed by Dave Winer, I am indebted to his pioneering work in blogging, podcasting, outlines and other online media. I’ve learned much from Dave through the years, including how to organize an unconference, what it means to be a natural born blogger, and the importance of narrating your work. Elsewhere, I use Fargo, and some of Dave’s newer tools. You should try one or two yourself.



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