No distractions from science

Last Friday was Inauguration Day, thankfully full of distracting work and family activities. I didn’t remember until this morning that January 20 was also the tenth anniversary of the first North Carolina Science Blogging Conference. That annual event later became ScienceOnline, and over eight years and 11 conferences, we explored myriad ways to do, share, support, and defend science using the tools of the World Wide Web. Sadly, with this new president, it seems science will be under assault. The ScienceOnline organization and our activities have stopped, but the drive to use blogs, podcasts, videos, social media, and other online tools to advance science and the public engagement in science carries on.

If you are a communicator of science living or working in North Carolina, please take this survey for the Science Communcators of North Carolina. Your input will help us plan our activities for the next year (or 10).



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