Slovenia vodka

On my way home from work this evening, I listened to the Wine & Spirits episode of the From Scatch with Michael Ruhlman podcast. The first half is Michael in his New York City kitchen with chef Brian Polcyn cooking a jus lié (white wine sauce, recipe here), and it made me hungry, and want to spend time in my own kitchen this weekend.

Then, Michael was talking Cabernet Sauvignon with winemaker Dave Phinney and vodka with chef Peter Kelly, who explained how he came to produce Slovenia vodka after visiting that country and discovering the excellent source of buckwheat. Listen to a clip here.

I once had Slovenia vodka in its square bottle, a gift from my good friend and proud Slovenian-American Joe Cimperman. I’m not a regular vodka drinker, but I do remember it as being very good. I think a few other friends discovered it at one of our holiday parties and drained it dry.

At the moment in our freezer is a bottle of Russian Standard vodka. I was introduced that by a Russian friend here in North Carolina.



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