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Reunion wrap-up

The reunion list is busy with family members posting their thoughts about the awesome week we had at Oglebay. Kate Nolan offered her list of awards for the MVPs of the reunion:

  • Most Experienced Traveler: Grandma
  • Most Trooperest Child: Josie
  • Most Patient Parent: Chris
  • Most Photographed: Grandma (by a long shot!)
  • Most Prolific Documentarian: Anton
  • Most Smiliest: The Kalinowski Krew
  • Most Silliest: Tie between Justin and Kathy
  • Most Competitive: Linda (but in a good way!)
  • Most Tallest: Shane
  • Most Shortest: Josie
  • Most Vegan: Staci
  • Most Sweetest: Tracey
  • Most Kidlike: Anyone under 10 (and Justin)
  • Most Perfect Moment: Shane reading Pinocchio to Beck
  • Most Creative Use of Tennis Ball: Grandma signed tennis balls as trophy
  • Most Volleyballiest: Erin
  • Most Hunkiest of Husbands: Jeff
  • Most Missed: Grandpa
  • Most Valuable Players: John and Patti
  • Most Humbled by you All: me

And Aunt Sue added this:

  • Most generous: Mark (He was always emptying his pockets or picking up some tab!)

TJ and Jeff are working on a master collection of photos from the week. I’ve begun posting some of mine here. Here’s the first image I snapped:

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