What I'm doing now

At the end of August 2021, these are the work, projects, and ideas that are my focus:

A job

I’m in the first year of my new position at the Duke Clinical Research Institute. Because of COVID-19, I continue to work from home, and with Erin’s move into a new office shed next to the house, I’ve set up my work space in the home office that looks through three big windows south to the wooded lot across the gravel driveway.

A new house

That woods that I look out to from the desk belong to us now, and over the last year we’ve worked with a surveyor, a lawyer, and the county to combine that lot with a strip of land from the lot down the road we purchased (and then sold to a family member who is building a new house). We’ve been working with our friend Kevin Anderson, an architect and fellow Vanuatu RPCV, to design a new house and we hope to break ground this fall in the southeast corner of the land.

A new podcast

I’ve spent the last year learning about microphones and digital audio editing, and soon I’ll be using my office space as a recording studio to produce a series of audio stories such as this tribute to the recently departed Richard Gildenmeister.

This old blog, and more

I’m on my twenty-first year of this blog, and I will continue to chronicle my life and the world around me. For the first two decades, I most often wrote about my past experiences — about my service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Vanuatu, about my grandfathers and how their writings inspired me — but COVID-19 and 2020 and other influences have shifted my gaze away from nostalgia and to what’s in front of me right here and right now. I’ve also been invited by Dave Winer to be a tester for Drummer, his new outliner-based blogging system.


Updated 08/31/21 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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