What I'm doing now

It’s October 2022 and this is my activity:

A job

Last year, I was promoted to Research Communications Project Manager at the Duke Clinical Research Institute. I spend all my time supporting the coordinating center for RADx-UP, a major research project funded by the National Institutes of Health. Because of COVID-19, I continue to work from home but I do make it to the office in Durham one or two days a week.

A new house for the family

We are deep into a project to build a new house on the wooded lot across from the home we currently live in. There are so many decision! But the house is going to be stunning (our friend Kevin Anderson designed it) and perfect for gathering our family and friends for meals and celebrations. A new paved private driveway from the street below is now finished and gives us safer, smoother access to the public streets. Erin’s sister, Mary, moved into her new house (same builder) down the gravel driveway. Anna’s back at UNC Greensboro for nursing school, and Malia is in her first year at American University.

Soccer, as much as possible

I love to play and watch soccer. I’m back to playing on Sunday mornings and some Wednesdays, and I watch as much English Premier League as possible. Oliver plays on a Triangle United team and I pace the sidelines as I watch him play—and score goals. I will be cheering for the US Men’s National Team and Belgium and the Netherlands and Senegal in the World Cup next month. Like I said, I love to play and watch soccer.

Travel, too

I have been lucky to travel much in 2022: We spent the holidays in Hawaii, took a short trip in March to visit my brothers in Austin, enjoyed a spring break return to the west end of St. Croix, and celebrated Oliver’s birthday in New York City. Later, Oliver and I had the best father-son day on Block Island. Then Erin and I went west for a cruise to Alaska, and good friends from Chapel Hill hosted us at their beach house on the glorious Outer Banks. We’ve took Malia to D.C. and will be back there soon for AU Family Weekend.

This old blog, and more

I’m into my twenty-second year of this blog, and I will continue to chronicle my life and the world around me. For the first two decades, I most often wrote about my past experiences — about my service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Vanuatu, about my grandfathers and how their writings inspired me — but COVID-19 and 2020/2021 and other influences have shifted my gaze away from nostalgia and to what’s in front of me right here and right now. I also do short-form blogging at storian.org and I use Micro.blog to post short updates and photos; see Wan Smol Blog.


Updated 10/05/22 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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