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New look and a relaunch

The much-promised and long-awaited relaunch of Zuiker Chronicles Online is here. (Read this report for some background to the site.) I’ve created a clean, simple layout and design to better feature these online community tools:

  • New logo – “Raven’s Roost,” designed by Kelly Marks. The font for the logo is meant to evoke the original typewritten Zuiker Chronicles sent out by Frank the Beachcomber and others. The raven refers to Raven’s Roost, the northern Wisconsin retreat of the Zuiker Family (see this post for some, this post and this post for background; if anyone has the definite spelling of the roost—apostrophe or no apostrophe—please tell me.)
  • Group blog – The main, left column of the page, which will include entries from any Zuiker who wants to contribute family news and essays (a self-register page for creating an account is coming soon).
  • Recent Comments – A listing of the five most recent messages left in the comments section of the blog entries.
  • Flickr photos – These are public photos tagged ‘zuiker’ at the free Flickr service. This should be an easy way for family and friends around the world to share their pictures. More photos, including the wonderful gallery organized by Jeff Nolan, are here.
  • Genealogy – The family tree (design to reflect the new site design coming soon).
  • Special days alerts – An announcements section at the top of the home page to highlight birthdays, anniversaries, accomplishments, reunion planning and site updates.
  • Webmail – Any family member who wants a free webmail account (i.e. you@zuiker.com) can request one from Anton; you check your webmail here.
  • Other features – A few more tools are planned; watch the Special days alerts section.
  • Policies – An official site policy and privacy statement are forthcoming. Until then, figure that this site is for family members and friends of the Zuiker family. We’re a fishing family, but spam won’t be tolerated. We’re also a kind and generous family, so act accordingly here.

Enjoy the site. Leave your comments, suggestions and requests in the comments section, please.

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