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Movie reviews from Uncle Dennis (via e-mail): North Country interesting but certainly not the best of the year; Shopgirl beyond stupid and one man’s fantasy and hardly worth making a movie about. Jarhead—what was this movie supposed to be about? Sure training camp is tough and you should just be glad that you never went out for the track team in some of the schools in the Northern Chicago suburbs. Capote—extremely well acted and interesting story. Good Night and Good Luck—again well acted and an interestin period of time in our history. Wallace and Gromit—a very cute,fast, and darling animated movie. Walk the Line—so well done, singing was excellent, could be one of the year’s best and Reese is coming to live with me soon.

My mom and I went to see Walk the Line last night. Though this film was quite similar to Ray (talented, addicted, redeemed individual), I especially enjoyed learning some of the background to the Johnny Cash songs I’ve always enjoyed. As we were leaving the theater early this morning, mom and I reminisced about the Johnny Cash albums we used to listen together in Idaho.

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