Intermittent contemplation

Colleagues keep recommending articles in the Harvard Business Review, so I picked up a copy. I had some time to read this morning and sat with a cup of coffee reading from the front of the March-April 2019 issue. Nearly every page seemed to have an insight or tip or quote that made me pause, take a sip of coffee, and consider how I might apply that idea to my work. I especially liked a short item on intermittent collaboration, a summary of a longer research study (How intermittent breaks in interaction improve collective intelligence) that recommends independent “exploration and social learning.” Basically, work on your own, then bring your ideas to the group. That’s a concept I can send to my colleagues as a way to coordinate a couple of different working groups that I’ve been invited to be on.

I expect to have more time tomorrow to sit and sip and read and contemplate. I’m not even half through the HBR, so I’m sure I’ll be full of new ideas when I get back into work.



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