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Team Netherlands

Theo Zuiker recently sent me a disc of pictures of the Netherlands Zuikers. See below; click on the image names to see the other pictures appear. Theo also directed me to the Grimmon-Zuiker website for more pictures of the Zuikers living in Germany.

At the moment, Theo and Alda are in Germany visiting their daughter Nicole, who is hosting a soccer-watching party: in a few hours, the match-up of Germany-Holland starts, part of the European Championship. Go orange!

Here are excerpts from Theo’s messages to me:

My house in Oisterwijk is relative luxe for Holland. I have a garden from 1200 square meters. One squar meter in hour little town, about 20.000 inhabitans cost about 700.-. So I can say I am a rich man…....., or my children later. We ware a month ago in Egypt to visit one of my adopt-daughters, who lives in Cairo. It was a nice travel, but very hot in Egypt and that is not so well. I told you that I start with English course, in the beguining of last year. You can see nou, that I make only a few progress. My age is 74 years old, and than it is not easy to lear by heart. I hope you can understand my letter.