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Thailand journal

My dad writes from Thailand:

You can call me the Kayak kid. I just finished three of the best days of my life. I always say that. I am now in a young persons beach community in southern Thailand in an internet cafe with my head still bobbing back and forth from the three kayak daze that I just shared with Dottie and Nathan. Out wood bnoat cut back and forth across the sea a hundred times. We passed 500 islands. It is best to think o0f Monument Valley with water surrounding each monument. We had kayaks with us on top of our boat and we were constantly circling islands, going through dark cave openings into the center lagoons of other islands and paddling at night to the full moon. It was wonderful. The staff of foru on our bat took care of everything. The cook was a s good as any reasstaurant in hawaii. Putting out five coursemeals with soup home made every noon and then sweet sour shrimp etc. It was wonderful. more late. We kayaked last night through a phosphorescent bay which literally came on like a light show each time our paddles hit the water. it was amazing. Monkeys, monitor lizards, eagles and other birds all over the place Best of all some am lagoons with noting but pure undisturbed silence so wonderful that your ears almost hurt from the lack of work. More later. kayak boy. Looking for a good drink right now. – Joe