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Lick this envelope

Looks like George W. Bush has gotten some of the Zuiker brothers back into the trenches. Here’s part of a message sent around by my dad:

Yesterday Larry invited me to do 3 hours of volunteer work at the Kerry Hqtrs. where he is a daily volunteer. I did computer work for them and I felt great when I got back. Those folks are excited and think they have a chance in Arizona. Who knows? I read that Hawaii might go for Bush so I am thinking of flying back 2 days early to volunteer and help out. Not sure.

I still like my dad’s story about the time he protested Nixon wearing a Tricky Dick mask, and when those nice men in the dark suits asked him for his name and Social Security number, he didn’t see any problem sharing the information. Such naivete wouldn’t fly in an age of Ashcroft and the USA Patriot Act.