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Connie is an 18 year old, I think. She is a very quiet child that I have watched over the past five to six years. During that time I represented her sister when her brother in law was killed in a car crash. During that same time I represented her grandfather when the 83 year old gent got creamed by a speeding vehicle. I got her nieces and nephews money for the death of their father and her Grandfather took her to the Phillippines as a reward when he got his money.

For those five years I have been encouraging Connie to study hard and to graduate from high school. Her sister, who is now in jail for drugs, never made it that far. She got preggers and was a mother by 16 or 17. Connie’s sister almost made it. I talked to her also telling her to study and be a stewardess and see the world. The sister got preggers at 17 in her last year and is now fully involved doing nothing around the house.

Anyway miracle of miracles, Connie graduated last month as the first of thie family to get an advanced degree ( a high school diploma). I was very happy.

But then I asked Connie what she would be doing, college, trade school, job in tourist industry, and Connie informed me that she had already signed up for the Army. It seems as if Connie will be getting a $3,000 bonus from the USA if she makes it through basic training. $3,000 is a lot of money to this kid. She will be some kind of supply person if she successfully goes through her South Carolina training. Then she will go somewhere else for a few weeks or whatever. and then dear sweet little Connie will be shipped to Fort Bliss , Texas and possibly shipped out to Iraq.

Please note that saving Iraq is not in Connie’s mind. She doesn’t know where Iraq is. She doesn’t even know where Indiana is and she sure as hell doesn’t know what a bicameral or unicameral legislature is. Connie does not know about branches of government nor about religious differences. Dear sweet Connie knows almost nothing.

Yet here is this sweet girl, the love of her mother’s eye about to go to Iraq to get her $3,000. I don’t know if there is a moral to this story or not. I know that almost no member of the Congress who voted for the war has any child or relative fighting for “democracy in Iraq”. I know that this young lady has no idea of what harm might befall her. She is somewhatlike a bug heading toward a light.

But God has sent us a good Christian ruler who has only good in his heart and who is doing God’s work, saving us from those heathens. It too bad God’s doesn’t send some of his relatives. Then sweet Connie would not have to go.

Confused about God’s plan for Connie …