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Check list for when you go to the mall

Malia had the unfortunate experience to lose something of great value recently. We asked her to share what she learned so that others might not make the same mistake.

I learned a tough lesson that happens to a lot of people. I went to the mall and i forgot to take my ipod touch out of my purse and take some of my money out,so when we were at a store I set my purse down and because I started out with one bag and ended out with three it was hard to hold all things. I had fifty-one dollars in there and a ipod touch and I lost it. And now I am warning you all of these things. This was the hardest lesson I had learned in my life so far.

Be careful.

Malia Zuiker
age 9 and a 1/2

UPDATE: After a couple of months, a phone call from the department store in the mall let us know that the purse, with iPod but sans cash, had been found.