A simpler calling card

When I was newly returned from my service in Vanuatu, I asked my sister-in-law, Katherine, to design a business card for me. I used and updated that design — vertical, green, featuring the letters of a keyboard — for some seven years.

Then, to reflect my blogging at mistersugar.com, I designed a new card — horizontal, front and back, white, my pig icon on one side and a short version of my story on the reverse. That seemed to be an effective way to explain my name, my blog, the pig, and Peace Corps.

mistersugar business card

It’s been a few years since I stepped back from using mistersugar as my moniker. I figured it was time to update my personal calling card to reflect the simpler, humbler person I’ve been trying to be, so I ordered minimal, beautiful letterpress cards from Hoban Cards — the Agent design, just my name, my email address, and a phone number.

Simple business card



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