Remembering Mom and Dad

Kevin Zuiker created this video tribute to Francis and Clarice Zuiker:



Clarice (Martcie) Zuiker 1911-2008

Clarice Zuiker has passed from this world. She was a special woman and a humble matriarch.

Listen to her story (an interview conducted by her grandson, Jeff Nolan).

Post your tributes to Grandma Zuiker in the comments. Or call 919.724.4220 to speak your tribute.




Happy birthday to my mother, Cheryl Zuiker, celebrating today.

And congratulations to my brother Matthew, who successfully completed the police academy in Phoenix and is now an official badge carrier of a major metro police department there.



John at Lake Anna



#738 this year

My father is running the Honolulu Marathon again. He’s #738 this year, and he’ll be taking the course slower than the last few years. That noble Race for a Common Sense Congress diverted him from his marathon training, I suspect.



Fall news

Some quick family news to report:

  • Dad and Dot are traveling through Hong Kong and the Philippines.
  • Matt just celebrated his 25th birthday. He is in the police academy in Mesa, following his dream of being an officer of the peace.
  • Chris and his family moved to Minneapolis. No word yet on how they like the great North.
  • Joel and Gabrielle will be in a Thanksgiving play together.

More news to come …



Poolside party in Mesa

Wow, it’s already Wednesday, and I haven’t posted an entry about the awesome party Nick and Staci, with Matt’s help, threw on Saturday. I was in town for a conference, and Joe (my dad) flew in to attend one of my sessions (about blogging and health communication). Grandma was there with Judy and Jack, and Larry and Nancy, too. I had a blast, and was so proud to see my younger brothers and the cool patio bar they’d built just in time for the party.

See pictures in the Flickr badge at the top right of the page, or over here. On Sunday, Matt led dad and me up Camelback Mountain. We paused at the top just long enough to snap some pictures before skipping back down the rocky path so I could get to the airport on time.

Thanks to my family for showing me such a grand time in Arizona. I can’t wait to get back there soon.



Beer, here

Nick tells me that Matt is selling beer at the Chicago Cubs spring training. Matt’s the latest Zuiker to vend at Cubbies games. I’ll take two cold ones, here.



Holiday in paradise

My dad is in Colombia this week for the wedding of Dot’s son, Aaron, to the lovely Olga. One of the places they’ll be staying is Sport Baru. Wish I were there. Ahh.



A little bit dramatic

Joel’s shopping around his screenplay, Kismet’s Trail.



Starting line

My dad, Joseph Zuiker, will be running his 15th marathon—and twelfth straight Honolulu race—this Saturday. Track his times at the Honolulu Marathon website.

UPDATE: Dad finished at 05:41:44, the 12353th racer to finish, 504 in the 60-64 age group. Way to go dad.



Help plan the reunion

The Zuiker Family hoedown/reunion/gathering is scheduled for July 23-30, 2006. If you’re in, help us plan the event by visiting the Zuiker Reunion writeboard (you’ll need a password, which you can get from me by e-mail), where you can add your ideas for making the reunion a fabulous week.

We also have a forum (bulletin board) for you to post your messages and start discussions.



Pictures from New York

Nick’s wedding in New York got quite a few Zuikers gathered. Click on the Flickr gallery in the top right of the home page to see some pictures from that weekend.



Da kine move

My dad wrote us today to say he and Dot are being evicted from the Honolulu pad. Read more over at mistersugar.



Lighten up, cous

Cousin Anthony Zuiker in the NYTimes today:

“We want to earn the right to go darker, rather than open up dark,” said Mr. Zuiker, the “CSI” chief. “Now we’re shifting to take a brighter New York perspective. When I go to New York City, I feel like I laugh a little, cry a little, learn a little and come home a different person. I want to capture all of that.”



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