A friend of Vanuatu

…a new organization called Friends of Vanuatu that aims be a network for returned Peace Corps … and others with an interest in the Republic of Vanuatu. Count me in. Not long after Erin and I returned … from Vanuatu, and soon after I created my first website for … now, and that reminds me daily about my time in Vanuatu. Thanks to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, … of VanAmericanNius and Storian. I hope Friends of Vanuatu will fare better. And I hope the Peace Corps can … ✪ Jul 20, 2020

Back from the South Pacific

…Our epic family trip to Australia and Vanuatu finished up last weekend. (Erin and I served as … Peace Corps Volunteers in Vanuatu from 1997 to 1999, and we’d saved up miles … Opera House, Bondi and Manly beaches) and Vanuatu (visiting friends and the Peace Corps office in … able to introduce Anna, Malia, and Oliver to the Vanuatu experience and our Ni-Vanuatu friends. And … ✪ Jul 13, 2018

Going back to Vanuatu

…Hola had just spun across the middle of the Vanuatu archipelago, including Paama Island, where Erin … we are taking a family trip to the Republic of Vanuatu this summer, nearly 20 years since Erin and I … Pacific.” And in the 18 years since we departed Vanuatu, Erin and I have talked often about our memories … Then it’s on to Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu; a smaller plane to Paama to reconnect with our … ✪ Mar 07, 2018

A world view

…of his ambassadorship to India and our service in Vanuatu. I blogged about that here. And on page 45 of the … years ago, Erin and I and the children were in Vanuatu visiting with Leah and Celia. That return to … and it reflects the beauty of not just the Ni-Vanuatu but also the brilliance of the U.S. Peace Corps. … ✪ Jul 05, 2021

You go where?

…We returned from our epic trip to Vanuatu three weeks ago, and work and house and garden … the ocean to bathe.) On Paama last month, that Ni-Vanuatu cultural practice was still in full force, and it … conversations are still stop, exchange, and go.) Vanuatu reminded me to make my hallway conversations more … ✪ Jul 31, 2018

Shot put around the world

…alerted me to a heartwarming story about two Ni-Vanuatu women—one a Special Olympics athlete, the … ✪ Mar 21, 2019

Thinking of you, Vanuatu

…on for writing about Peace Corps Volunteers in Vanuatu.   Last week, Cyclone Pam aimed for the … islands of the Republic of Vanuatu, an 82-island archipelago in the South Pacific … South Pacific experience — cookarootoo, as the Ni-Vanuatu say. That was an amusing difference, since I’d … cock-a-doodle-do. Another cultural difference: Ni-Vanuatu can communicate with their eyebrows, often to … regroup and rebuild. My Peace Corps service in Vanuatu lasted two challenging but quite rewarding years, … ✪ Mar 17, 2015

Lights up

…remind me of the huts in Liro Village and across Vanuatu. I thought about asking to buy one of the … buy one or more to take to our family in Vanuatu this summer That will bring me full circle. My … ✪ Apr 08, 2018

Travel on, Alexander

…this week, and I found myself thinking about Vanuatu, and then I wondered how Alexander Frater was … in Tales from the Torrid Zone, his memoir about Vanuatu and Fiji. Inside, after dinner, I searched the … ✪ Mar 22, 2020

Bins, Bernoulli, and Buxton

…I’d once written about the experience in Vanuatu, and along the way I pulled out these items: A … with a note from Grandpa Sisco, sent to us in Vanuatu; taped to the card were two two-dollar … ✪ Jul 19, 2020

Standing in the rain

…of my making. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Vanuatu, stuck in our house for a week at a time while … ✪ Apr 08, 2019

Chai and my matai mortar

…during our Peace Corps service in the Republic of Vanuatu.) I miss drinking good coffee. I stopped drinking … ✪ Nov 11, 2019

A simpler calling card

…When I was newly returned from my service in Vanuatu, I asked my sister-in-law, Katherine, to design a … ✪ Mar 31, 2018

Australia, 2018

…our Peace Corps service in the Republic of Vanuatu. As the plane flew on (crossing the International … We stored a few suitcases (for our trip to Vanuatu a few days later), donned our coats, took a train … days of our vacation. Now, time to fly east to Vanuatu. *** I’ll publish a separate post about … not been able to wake up at midnight or 3 a.m. in Vanuatu to watch the games in the nakamal. Belgium was my … ✪ Sep 16, 2018

A return to Paama

…South Pacific, far from home, walking behind a Ni-Vanuatu family as they guided us up a steep hillside … first arrived on Paama island in the Republic of Vanuatu, I expected a lot. Inspired by my father’s … four days, then flew to Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. Arriving near midnight, we chatted in Bislama … market, introduce ourselves to the Peace Corps Vanuatu director and a handful of current volunteers, and … northern islands may be inaccessible. Still, Air Vanuatu boarded us (and a couple of new PCVs, headed to … ✪ Nov 06, 2018

On the Josh Ritter train

…across the state. Later, when Erin and I lived in Vanuatu, I talked about those trains with our fellow … ✪ Oct 09, 2017

Blogging from up above

…me of my time as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Vanuatu, where most nights I sat at the table in our … face-to-face conversations with their hosts. In Vanuatu, a plate of food brought to the house was never … StickerMule. The tamtam is an upright drum in Vanuatu. My sticker is a design created for me by a … Lapita skulls found in an ancient cemetery in Vanuatu. I was unfamiliar with the Lapita people and the … ✪ Apr 01, 2017

Looking upon rings and craters

…During my time as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Vanuatu, I was awed by the brilliance of the Milky Way; … ✪ Sep 08, 2019

What I'm doing now

…about my service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Vanuatu, about my grandfathers and how their writings … ✪ Jan 01, 2021

Return to Caldwell

…the dinner and storian in Nampa with Peace Corps Vanuatu friends Doug Clegg and Pat Duncan, and the hike … ✪ Mar 14, 2020

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