Blogging tools update

The nuts and bolts section of the about page notes the blogging tools I use. There have been some important updates in the last couple of months. A 4.6.0 beta version of Textpattern is out. I’ll test the new version, and upgrade this site soon.

Dave Winer opened up his new blogging software, I’m using 1999 for an Island Times blog, at, with more frequent posts. I dig how simple it is to blog with 1999, and how that’s helping me get back to writing.

I’ve also begun to create a river of news for the various sites I read regularly. See for now.



A postcard welcome

I’ve begun to send out postcards of the Zuike Chronicles logo to family and friends, encouraging you to visit this site and contribute your news, comments, map coordinates and more. So, welcome back to the online home of the Zuiker Family and our friends.



New look and a relaunch

The much-promised and long-awaited relaunch of Zuiker Chronicles Online is here. (Read this report for some background to the site.) I’ve created a clean, simple layout and design to better feature these online community tools:

  • New logo – “Raven’s Roost,” designed by Kelly Marks. The font for the logo is meant to evoke the original typewritten Zuiker Chronicles sent out by Frank the Beachcomber and others. The raven refers to Raven’s Roost, the northern Wisconsin retreat of the Zuiker Family (see this post for some, this post and this post for background; if anyone has the definite spelling of the roost—apostrophe or no apostrophe—please tell me.)
  • Group blog – The main, left column of the page, which will include entries from any Zuiker who wants to contribute family news and essays (a self-register page for creating an account is coming soon).
  • Recent Comments – A listing of the five most recent messages left in the comments section of the blog entries.
  • Flickr photos – These are public photos tagged ‘zuiker’ at the free Flickr service. This should be an easy way for family and friends around the world to share their pictures. More photos, including the wonderful gallery organized by Jeff Nolan, are here.
  • Genealogy – The family tree (design to reflect the new site design coming soon).
  • Special days alerts – An announcements section at the top of the home page to highlight birthdays, anniversaries, accomplishments, reunion planning and site updates.
  • Webmail – Any family member who wants a free webmail account (i.e. can request one from Anton; you check your webmail here.
  • Other features – A few more tools are planned; watch the Special days alerts section.
  • Policies – An official site policy and privacy statement are forthcoming. Until then, figure that this site is for family members and friends of the Zuiker family. We’re a fishing family, but spam won’t be tolerated. We’re also a kind and generous family, so act accordingly here.

Enjoy the site. Leave your comments, suggestions and requests in the comments section, please.



Where are the Zuikers?

Check out our Frapper! I finally found an easy way to show where all the family members are in our big country. Check out our new map, and add your name today.



Notice the authors, please

Anton isn’t the only Zuiker blogging on the Zuiker Chronicles now. Please look for the byline beneath the entry title to see who the author of each entry is. Uncle Mike posted the manifesto below.



Finally, photos from all the Zuikers

Using the free service from Flickr (now owned by Yahoo!), anyone can share photos of the extended Zuiker family. Just go to Flickr, sign up for a free account, upload your photos and give them the tag ‘zuiker’. The moving picture box in the top right of the Zuiker Chronicles home page will display any Flickr pictures with that tag. You can also use this cool tool to view all zuiker-tagged photos from Flickr.



Closing for renovations

I’m redesigning Zuiker Chronicles Online (, and will be relaunching the site soon. I want to know if my relatives would like to be part of the team that keeps the site updated and interesting. Here are some ways you can get involved:

A. Write your own weblog. (A weblog is like a news page, with frequent updates about what’s up in your life or work, like what I do at I’ll create everything you need to run your weblog – all you’ll have to do is log in, write your news message and hit the publish button.

B. Be a writer on a group weblog. If a few of you agree to participate, I’ll create one weblog on the site, and we can all share news and messages on that.

C. Have your own page on the site, where you can provide information, links and contact details, even a resume. Uncle Mike might want a page linking to his store’s website, and Linda might want a page showing her eBay auctions.

D. Send me digital photographs of your families and any reunions, travels or meetings. I want to have lots of pictures of our family, but I need help getting those pictures.

E. Add your voice to the site. I’ll have a way for you to call a number, leave a voicemail message, and have that message automatically get saved to the site so others can hear your message.

F. Help maintain the family tree and research our shared genealogy.

Contact me by email or phone, or leave a comment here, to tell me how you’d like to get involved.



Changes to come

I’ve neglected Zuiker Chronicles Online in the past few months as I relaunched my personal site, mistersugar. But in January, my attentions will return to this family site. First order of business is to get a logo designed for Zuiker Chronicles. If you’d like to take a crack at this, please contact me by using the contact form.



New site for Anton

I’ve converted my site to

Check it out today.



The family tree grows

I’ve finally fixed the link, at right, to the Zuiker Family Tree. I’ve also begun to add in a couple of hundred new names that my Uncle John sent me, from a tree created by Jon C. Zuiker at a family reunion in Harrison in the early 1980s. If you visit the Zuiker Family Tree now, click on the What’s New link and you can see a listing of some of the new names added to the database. And there are more to come.



Funny thing, way, forum

I’ve created a(nother) Zuiker Forum – yet another place for the Zuikers to post messages, comments, propaganda and manifestoes1.

1 A few years ago, we tried a forum for a while, but we lost that board when I switched the site around. The forum is back. And more site changes are on the way.




I’m finally getting around to dressing up Zuiker Chronicles Online. Look for a new design, better access to the family tree, more ways for family members to contribute their news and a wiki for sharing your memories and stories.




This website is like my new house: half-painted walls, waiting for flooring, and not quite ready to be moved in. But, I hope you’ll enjoy seeing the site renovations over the next few weeks.

Pictures of the house will be over at The Coconut Wireless.



Putting the moves on

Lots of relocation to announce today:

Anton and Erin (and Anna and Malia) have purchased their first home. It’s a small house in Durham in a quiet neigbhorhood of towering pine trees, and the yard is a serene place of visiting hummingbirds and curious bumblebees and diffident cardinals. Just an hour after signing the papers, we were in the house tearing up carpet and parquet flooring in preparation for new hardwood flooring and bedroom berber. By July 1 we’ll be happily moved. Watch Anton’s personal webspace for pictures and updates – and probably a lot of ‘how do I do this project’ inquiries.

Zuiker Chronicles Online, the Internet home of the extended Zuiker family, has also moved. We’re hosted on the estimable Textdrive servers. As part of this move, the weblog that I write has moved to in order to make room for more Zuiker Family news and stories. Just as the physical home in Durham is under renovation, so, too is the Zuiker Chronicles Online.

Bear with us as we improve the site.



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